the 1st crowdsourced cover

“Is this your square to remake?”

OK Periodicals #3 features new and innovative ideas, editorial and design wise.
One of them is the crowdsourced cover which fits the REPEAT theme.
What we need is 400+ people recreating the cover bit by bit.
Each person gets one square that needs to be recreated. Draw it, paint it, copy it, be creative but be sure it’s still a recognizable good quality copy.

Please help us in making the world’s first ever crowdsourced magazine cover! Invite all the creatives you know and get on the cover of O.K. Periodicals #3!
E-mail us to get your image part and send it back before September 30th.

Invite a friend to help us too!!
All contributors are kindly invited to the launchparty in Berlin! Hope you can make it!

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