last diychurch radioshow 2010

diy church via mail:
Dear Listener,


the last show in 2010


will be a *special*special*.
with the first part of the serial „The Brian van Kuba Experience“.
Brian van Kuba is a danish artist who is living and working in Berlin since 7 years.


He is working in the fields of painting , drawing, installation and Sound session-ing as well as

setting up all kinds of events in nearly every location imaginable.


To describe his style I would use a term like “ old school Indie DIY “ or “ hash snake phantasmagoria Kraut “ but I´m pretty sure he doesn´t want me to name it and so I should not try to put it in a style,
He is free and likes to collaborate.
He is calinka and likes to junction.
He is also working under the synonym Macaco Mau and I found a funny Video by him.

For the first episode on Monday B.v.K. will do some telephone calls to friends from all over the world (artists , activists, humans ) via Skype and as far as I understood they are also going to play a concert together in which they present their work and living conditions.

He will bring some real live friends
Ana Lola Roman (Video: )

Peter Eisenkoko

and he is going to perform on his own as well.
Live today the 27 of December from 7 – 9 pm (CET / GMT+1)

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