fontstruct poster

das fontstruct poster is draußen…

dort findet sich auch ein Buchstabe meiner schrift „Doppel

mein fontstructprofil

The FontStruct Poster  features 129 distinctive modular glyphs from over 80 FontStructors laid out on the FontStruct grid. The emphasis is on celebrating the more, minimal, “classical” style of FontStructing, so no FontStructions which employ filters were included. A FontStruction – Exampla Sans Medium by Shasta – was used for setting the key and other additional text on the poster, and proved how wonderful FontStructions can look in print if tweaked appropriately (thank you optical kerning!).

A limited edition of 150 posters was printed in October 2011 on 250g matt, coated paper by Pinguin Druck in Berlin, using the offset technique.  The posters are hand-stamped and numbered on the reverse side. 100 will be sold. At 63.5cm x 100cm the posters are a few mm over “double royal” size.

*Here are the usernames of FontStructors whose work is on the poster (in alphabetical order):

alexfulton, 3moDuDe, afrojet, andythebest123, aphoria, atarbeev, b boy stylez, bauermc, beate, bokuwatensai, cam.ill, caseycastille, CMunk, cwillmor, dczyz, djnippa, dpommella, eaq, Electric Keet, elltee, elmoyenique, Em42, emepar7, ex5s3, Font, fontcollector, Frodo7, funk_king, garphynk, geneus1, Goatmeal, gspace, gudbjorg_bubba, gueldenstern, guentersen, happypill, Helgi, hisham4444, igorrossi, inkway, intaglio, jcanham, jmarquez, JoeAllison, jpfaraco, jrdbnsn, JustinOperable, kekeh, kix, krystman, l3eer12, LexKominek, loboarches, Magic Sam, minimum, mrclash, nathancox, naveenchandru, nemoorange, Neoqueto, p2pnut, Parry, Qimplef, raiu, raketentim,redkitten, rixag, rubendmarques, saberrider, sbrunoj, Schafgans, shasta, Sketchbook B, sliveress, Snuggles, SquarePeg, ssaamm, strawberrymilk, swing_mr, thalamic, theterrible, TobiasMik, Tylo, Upixel, vertigokid, will.i.ૐ, zhuk

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  1. laguniak

    Great poster. All fonts look superb 🙂

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