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»Love is a stranger?« in der ARD Mediathek

»Love is a stranger?« ist eine Ausstellung mit und über bikulturelle Paare, an deren Umsetzung ich beteiligt bin. Einen Beitrag, der letztens bereits in der Aktuellen Stunde, dem Regionalprogramm des WDR, lief, hat nun auch seinen Weg in die Mediathek der ARD geschafft. Unter diesem Link kann man reinschauen. Mehr zur Ausstellung findet man auf der Webseite und bei Facebook, sowie demnächst auch hier.


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via klaus

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buntig kuchen

da schmerzen die zähne schon beim anschauen…via rainbowzombies ate my unicorn

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sehr schönes video. mit der regenbogensprühmaschine von akay

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es geht bergab

für klaus

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last diychurch radioshow 2010

diy church via mail:
Dear Listener,


the last show in 2010


will be a *special*special*.
with the first part of the serial „The Brian van Kuba Experience“.
Brian van Kuba is a danish artist who is living and working in Berlin since 7 years.


He is working in the fields of painting , drawing, installation and Sound session-ing as well as

setting up all kinds of events in nearly every location imaginable.


To describe his style I would use a term like “ old school Indie DIY “ or “ hash snake phantasmagoria Kraut “ but I´m pretty sure he doesn´t want me to name it and so I should not try to put it in a style,
He is free and likes to collaborate.
He is calinka and likes to junction.
He is also working under the synonym Macaco Mau and I found a funny Video by him.

For the first episode on Monday B.v.K. will do some telephone calls to friends from all over the world (artists , activists, humans ) via Skype and as far as I understood they are also going to play a concert together in which they present their work and living conditions.

He will bring some real live friends
Ana Lola Roman (Video: )

Peter Eisenkoko

and he is going to perform on his own as well.
Live today the 27 of December from 7 – 9 pm (CET / GMT+1)

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i´m so excited…

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